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Mini-Semester Classes Great Way To Jump-Start College Credits

Registration will be held Monday, Sept. 30, at Vance-Granville Community College for eight mini-semester classes, which will begin Monday, Oct. 1, and run until Nov. 27.

Mini-semester classes are ones that are held three hours a day, twice a week for eight weeks in order to get in the same number of instruction hours for the same credits as a full semester course. Most of the mini-semester classes are first-semester, required classes that may be hard to get into for the full semester, according to Marsha Nelson, VGCC dean of Curriculum.

During the Fall Semester currently under way, mini-semester classes will be offered at all four of Vance-Granville Community College’s four campuses, and several of them are offered on more than one campus.

For instance, Basic PC Literacy will be taught at the main campus in Vance County and at South Campus between Butner and Creedmoor and at the Warren County Campus in Warrenton. Keyboarding is offered on the main and South campuses.

Mini-semester classes in Criminology, Introductory Algebra will be offered only on the main campus, and Introduction to Business will be taught on South Campus only. The Franklin County Campus will offer mini-semester classes in Art Appreciation and Expository Writing.

Currently enrolled students should make an appointment for Sept. 30 with their advisors to register for fall mini-semester classes. New students should call the Student Services office at the main campus at 492-2061 or the satellite campus at which the class they are interested in is being offered for more information and to be assigned an advisor.