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Job Shadowing Opportunities Available For Students

Job Shadowing is an opportunity for a student to spend a designated amount of time, usually a half day or a full day, with a person who serves as an occupational career model in the area of the student’s interest.

Students can sign up for Job Shadowing any time during the fall or spring semester. The actual designated and amount of time varies with different employers, not usually exceeding one workday (eight hours).

The student can choose from a list of participating companies or select others and with consent from the company, arrangements will be made.

Job Shadowing opportunites provide:

• opportunity to confirm commitment.
• first-hand exposure to one’s area of interest.
• better understanding of career promotion.
• information on skills and training needed for

Students are encouraged to enroll in the Job Shadowing program. The earlier students take advantage of the program, the more they benefit. Interested students should stop by the Career Center, Building 4, Room 4248, and speak with Barbara Smith, coordinator.