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Address to VGCC Staff & Faculty

t is truly difficult for me to put into words the excitement that I feel to be given the opportunity to become president of this great institution.

Vance-Granville Community College has leaped from the middle of the pack among North Carolina’s 59 community colleges to become a true leader in the system.

To be given the opportunity to lead this college at its current point in history is both humbling and invigorating. I am humbled by the confidence that has been placed in me by the members of the Vance-Granville Board of Trustees and the State Board of Community Colleges. I am invigorated by the challenge that awaits me, our staff and faculty as we prepare to take this community college and its students to the next level.

I assure you that I am going to work my hardest to see that we continue to ride this wave of success that has brought us to the greatest point in the history of our college. I heartily embrace the challenge to build upon that success and to take Vance-Granville Community College to even higher peaks.

I could not come to this point today without taking the time to recognize and to thank Dr. Currin, both personally and on behalf of all of us who care so much for this institution. His vision and his leadership were just what we needed. Where others saw obstacles, he truly saw opportunities. We need only look at:

  • the strength of the faculty and staff around us,

  • the phenomenal growth in enrollment in Curriculum and Continuing Education over the past 15 years,

  • the advances in technology that we have made in recent years,

  • the addition of three satellite campuses and expanded services in our service area,

  • the community support demonstrated through the continuing growth of our scholarship program and the Endowment Fund, and

  • the excellent rapport we enjoy with the members of the boards of commissioners, state lawmakers, economic developers, and business and industry leaders.

That list goes on and on.

Vance-Granville Community College is now looked upon as a leader in the North Carolina system. I share in the great pride that we all feel in our accomplishments over the last 10 to 15 years.

But, as you know, the past will not sustain us. We cannot stand still. There is much more work to be accomplished, and there are many more who need the services we can offer to help them secure gainful employment in their chosen fields.

There are many projects already on the table and many more that await our attention.

We are already looking at an expansion at our new Franklin County Campus. We are presently meeting with Franklin County industry and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center to formulate a training program for the Biotech field. In anticipation of our being a leader in Biotechnology skills training within the State Community College System, we are watching closely as Gov. James Hunt plans specialized training centers statewide in upcoming budget, and we feel that Vance-Granville stands ready to be a part of that advancement in training opportunities.

Construction of an addition at our South Campus is beginning this month, thus allowing us to expand services in Granville County.

Warren Campus is in an excellent position to continue to expand its services.

We need to continue to look at our Main Campus needs to determine what future expansion will be needed. Our new Online Learning courses offered through the Computer Center are a first for any community college in the state, and we will continue to look for opportunities to expand our methods of instruction beyond the traditional classroom.

We will not just sit back and enjoy the past success of our Endowment Fund. We are so appreciative of the funds we have received from business, industry, civic organizations and individuals. Special appreciation goes to the late Miss Nannie Crowder and Mr. R.B. Butler for their recent endowments. But, we should not assume that the Endowment Fund has all the money it needs. It needs to continue to grow to guarantee the educational opportunity for those students who have trouble affording it and for those who deserve scholarships based on their academic achievement.

We need the continued support of our local government and our legislators. One wouldn’t really realize that five buildings of our Main Campus are nearly 25 years old. Our buildings have been well maintained, and we look forward to keeping them that way. And, as I said earlier, we have to be prepared for facility expansion as we set our goals for increased enrollment.

Vance-Granville Community College didn’t reach this high point in its history by chance. We are where we are because of an excellent and dedicated faculty and staff – Because of You.

Economic times are good. Students are not here because they have been forced to come here. They come because they’ve heard of the opportunities that await them here. Our best advertisement has been that satisfied student who met quality at every turn: from Building 8, to the Business Office, to the advisor’s office, to the classroom, to the Student Lounge, to the Snack Bar, to Day Care, to the Scholarship Program, to graduation. That satisfied student has been our best marketing tool. You all have contributed to making that student satisfied.

Each one of you is essential to the operation of this school, from our faculty to our plant operations staff, our support staff, our administrators, and our Board of Trustees who have not been willing to accept anything but the best at Vance-Granville Community College. From the quality of our instruction to the cleanliness of our facilities, from the neatness of how our tests are typed and our publications are printed to the careful planning and administration of our programs. Each member of this staff is essential.

Together, the staff, faculty, our board and I are all stakeholders in ensuring the continued success of VGCC.

I look forward to working with each of you as we prepare to move to new heights, and I thank you for the opportunity.