Program Overview

Human Services Technology
Degree Level 

Human Services Technology is a two-year Associate degree program that trains students for entry-level jobs in the helping professions. This page describes the "general" HST curriculum track. VGCC also offers Human Services concentrations in Gerontology and in Substance Abuse counseling. The general track consist of between 65-68 credit hours and requires 320 hours of Work-Based Learning (also called internship) at an approved human services agency. The Work-Based Learning requirements are explained in detail in the WBL application packet.

The Human Services Technology curriculum prepares students for entry-level positions in institutions and agencies which provide social, community, and educational services. Along with core courses, students take courses which prepare them for specialization in specific human service areas.

Students will take courses from a variety of disciplines. Emphasis in core courses is placed on development of relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes in human services. Students also complete a two-semester internship at any of a number of local human services agencies. This fieldwork experience will provide opportunities for application of knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.

The VGCC Human Services Technology Program is Nationally accredited by the Council for Standards in Human Services Education.