Students applying to the LPN to ADN Transition Program should first apply to the college and will be accepted as a pre-health student.  Once the application has been submitted to the college, the student will complete a Program Application with an Academic Coach/Pre-Health Advisor. Click here to apply to VGCC:

Please review the LPN to ADN Transition Program Admission Requirements prior to meeting with an Academic Coach/Pre-Health Advisor. 

LPNs applying to the Transition Program are required to have 6 months experience as an LPN and the Transition Program Employment Verification Form must be submitted prior to the Program Application Deadline. 

Transfer Students: VGCC does not accept students who have completed nursing courses for an RN degree at other community colleges or universities into the LPN to ADN Transition Program.  Students who have completed nursing courses at other community colleges or universities may apply to the Associate Degree Nursing program. Please see the VGCC Associate Degree Nursing webpage for more information. 

Upon acceptance into the program, students must submit medical/immunization records, complete a criminal background check and drug screen and show proof of health insurance

Health insurance is required for all students in the nursing programs.  It is recommended that students obtain health insurance prior to acceptance as Open Enrollment Dates do not correlate with admission dates.  Students who do not have health insurance by the start of the program will be unable to remain enrolled in the nursing program.  For information on health insurance please use the following links:

Admission to the Transition program requires completion of the TEAS V test and the ATI Fundamentals test.  The TEAS test must be taken within 5 years and a score of 58.7% or higher is required.  Please visit our new TEAS LibGuide for more information about the TEAS test at

The ATI Fundamentals test is required with a score of Level 2 or higher.  Please see the Testing Center website for more information on the Fundamentals test. 

Click here for the VGCC Student Medical Form

All students enrolled in the Nursing Programs must view this MRI Safety Video and complete the MRI Screening Form annually. 

Click here for the Nursing Programs Student Handbook (2017-2018)