NC State University’s Goodnight Scholars Program for Transfer Students

The Goodnight Scholars Program invests in students from low- and middle-income families in North Carolina studying in STEM or STEM education disciplines. This investment represents a commitment to our students’ personal, professional, and academic development through scholarship funding, comprehensive programming and enrichment opportunities. The Program empowers Goodnight Scholars to “pay it forward” as transformational leaders at NC State University, in North Carolina, and in the world.

The self-nomination form will close at 11:59 p.m. EST on March 1, 2018. Filling out the self-nomination form does not guarantee an invitation to apply to the Goodnight Scholars Program.  The link to the self-nomination form is available here.

By March 17, 2018, the Goodnight Scholars Program will issue approximately 125 invitations to prospective NC State transfer students who have applied for fall 2018 admission. This invitation gives each student access to the Goodnight Scholars Program online transfer application. The invitation is sent to the email address listed on the student’s general NC State application, which is accessible via Pack ASSIST.

To receive an invitation to apply as a transfer student, a student must:

Additional criteria may be used to address critical needs in STEM and STEM education fields, and encourage diversity and inclusion per the University’s strategic plan.

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