Digital Photo

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Introduction to Digital Photography (DSLR Cameras)

In this class you will learn to use a DLSR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera. You will learn about the functions of the camera, how the lens f-stops and camera shutter speeds work together to create a beautiful photograph.

You will learn a little about the history of photography. You will learn to look more closely and find delight in photographs. You will learn to be more thoughtful in making your own photographs and will develop a critical eye when looking at photography and visual arts in general.

Course Schedule (to be changed as necessary)

Intro to class, review of individual cameras

                   Assign practice shooting on AUTO setting

History of Photo, Composition, ISO, F-Stops, Shutter Speeds

                   Assign Vantage Point & Point of View, Collect History Info

Review Composition Photos, the Decisive Moment

                   Assign Abstract & F-Stop Photos

Review F-Stop Photos (Depth of Field) & Abstract Photos

                   Assign Motion: Stop Action, Blur, Panning, Bulb

Review Shutter Speed Photos (Motion)

                   Assign Bounce Portraits, Shadow, Chiaroscuro/Silhouette

Portrait Introductions, Bounce Light, Chiaroscuro/Silhouette

                   Assign Group Portraits

Review Group Portrait Photos, Controlled Environment Photos

                   Assign Controlled Environment & Lighting Portraits

Review Lighting Photos

                   Assign Group Controlled Lighting

Review Group Photos

                   Assign Color & Black/White

Review Color or Black & White



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