Vance-Granville Community College (VGCC) is one of North Carolina’s leaders in providing individual online courses, as well as fully-online degree programs. Our students are afforded the opportunity to complete course work in a way that meets today’s demanding schedules and fulfills the educational requirements of this challenging economy. For many students, our degrees are the first step to a four-year college or university degree.Badge for Best Online Schools in North Carolina

While online courses offer convenience, they are fully as comprehensive as seated courses and create unique challenges for students and their families. Self-motivation, the ability to follow instructions, and basic computer skills are crucial for the successful distance learner.

At VGCC, we strive to provide the highest quality instruction for all students, traditional and online. Through responsive support services, we insure that our online learners have all the tools needed to meet their educational goals and build a brighter future.

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VGCC participates in the Electronic Campus.

Questions about Distance Education?
If you are interested in a Distance Education Curriculum course for college credit, contact Evelyn Harris by e-mail or call (252) 738-3410.