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Health Screening Stations

All employees, students, and visitors will be subject to health screening upon arrival to any VGCC campus. The health screening questionnaire component should be completed online by each individual before or upon arrival to campus each day. Proof of clearance and no fever will clear one to be on campus for that day. A wristband for the day will allow you to bypass an additional screening if you leave and return to any of our campuses that same day. The answers you declare in the HIPPA-compliant online form are secure.

If the health screening process does not result in you being cleared to be on campus, you will be instructed to contact your supervisor (if employee) or advisor (if student).

The health screening questionnaire can be found at vgcc.edu/hs or on our VGCC mobile app.

Main Campus

Location Days / Hours
Main entrance driveway (Building 8 parking lot) M – F / 7:30 am – noon
Building 8 M – F / noon – 5:00 pm
Building 7 – 1st floor lobby M – F / noon – 5:00 pm
Building 7 – 2nd floor lobby M – Th / 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm


South Campus

Location Days / Hours
Main entrance lobby All times


Franklin Campus

Location Days / Hours
Second entrance driveway, enter closest to Building 2 M – F / 7:30 am – 12:30 pm
Building 1 lobby All other times


Warren Campus

Location Days / Hours
Building 1 lobby All times