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Community Science Night!

Join us for Community Science Night. Free fun for all ages! VGCC Franklin Campus

The “Community Science Night” will be on Tuesday, September 24, from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM on VGCC’s Franklin Campus.

Bring the entire family out for an evening of hands-on, science-based activities! Guaranteed fun for EVERYONE! Open to all ages — prior science experience NOT required! All participants will move through each station to create some of the following fun-filled projects:

AlkaSeltzer Rockets – Design a rocket then showcase your basic chemistry skills as you send an astronaut into space on a rocket powered by water and AlkaSeltzer.

*Must be done outside or in a gymnasium with a high ceiling. Safety glasses are recommended (BioNetwork can provide them).

Battle Bots – Build a wigglebot and see if it can hold its own in the BioNetwork battle bot arena!

Bendy Bones – This station will demonstrate the importance of a diet rich in calcium by seeing what happens to bones that have all the calcium removed.

Circuit Beats– A maker-space station where participants learn about electricity and conductivity then play a piano made of bananas or make a plant “meow”!

Disappearing Gum?! – Why does something like peanut butter help remove gum from your hair? Explore the solubility of gum! See what happens when you chew gum, then eat a piece of chocolate!

Edible Water Bottles – Plastic bottles, although convenient, are NOT environmentally friendly. Discover polymer science in this activity aimed to produce eco-friendly edible water bottles.

Food Groups– Explore the various food groups and design a balanced plate

Leaf Prints – Learn about the diversity of plants around them by exploring the structure of various local tree leaves.

Magic Balloons- Balloons are always fun but can take a long time to blow up… At this station. participants create balloons that instantly inflate themselves.

Palm Pipes – Investigate sound waves and create music using PVC pipes! Each pipe is a different length and generates a different note when hit on the palm of a hand. Participants can play Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or make their own music.

Strawberry DNA Extraction – led by Mr. Lyon at VGCC, DNA will be quickly and easily extracted from strawberries using common household materials.