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College and Career Readiness Center

The College and Career Readiness Center (CCR) is designed to provide students with access to a variety of instructional approaches. The learning needs of students are considered individually, and instructional plans are developed that take into account each learner’s skill development level and preferred learning style.

Upon enrollment, students meet with the CCR staff to discuss educational goals and to determine the most convenient schedule for each student. During the initial orientation process, the students will be administered placement tests and inventories. This assessment procedure is necessary in order to establish precise learning goals and select the appropriate educational plan. Students and staff determine whether the appropriate path of learning is either ABE, AHS, HSE, Distance Learning, or ESL. Students will then attend classes and are encouraged to participate in a variety of instructional activities that include independent study, small group assignments/classes, computer-assisted instruction, and class projects. Students are urged to participate in an ongoing self-assessment process that monitors progress and directs future learning and goal setting.

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