Refund Policy

The original receipt is required for any refunds or exchanges. The book must be in the exact original condition as when purchased. (Damage caused by a bookbag, etc. may prevent you from obtaining a refund.)
All shrink-wrapped packages must be unopened. Any opened or re-sealed shrink-wrapped packages will not be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Returns or exchanges can only be made during the following specified time periods:
- First 10 days of the fall or spring semester
     (This includes cancelled classes)
- First 5 days of a summer session
     (This includes cancelled classes)
- Within 3 business days of purchase
     (Providing it is before the last official withdrawal date in the term)
No refund/exchange will be allowed after the last official withdrawal date in the term.
No refunds will be issued for study guides such as TEAS, HOBET and Notary books.
Apparel, Gifts, School Supplies:
Apparel and gift items purchased at the Vance Granville CC Bookstore may be exchanged or refunded. You must have the original receipt and the merchandise must be in original condition for the exchange or refund. Exchanges only of apparel and gift items will be made when no receipt is available for merchandise of equal value.
School supplies, such as pencils or notebooks, are not eligible for an exchange/refund. 
Electronic devices, such as calculators or recorders, will be exchanged within 3 days of date of purchase if it is determined that the device is not functioning properly. You must have the original receipt for the exchange.
A Refund will not be issued for computers and/or software that have been opened.