Safwan Ali - 2018

When a person thinks about starting a new chapter in their life, such as obtaining a degree, they often feel overwhelmed at the idea. He/she may feel as if they must put everything that’s going on in their life on hold to be able to continue their education. I personally believed that I had to choose between working or going to school. However, the day I first met Mrs. Dickens, the head of the Paralegal program, I realized how perfectly this program fits my busy lifestyle. The flexibility, convenience, and exceptional instructors are just a few of countless factors that make Vance-Granville’s Paralegal program unlike any other.

One of the best features about this program is its flexibility. The many on-campus classes and wide range of available online classes offered makes it convenient and ideal for busy students, like myself. As a student, I managed to work, attend classes, and complete an internship all at the same time. I took a combination of online and on-campus classes that fit my schedule.

The instructors are exceptional; especially Mrs. Dickens. She was passionate about teaching and strived to make every student succeed. Her experience and professionalism are extraordinary. She makes students in her class feel as if they are a family rather than just classmates.

My experience with the Paralegal program has been unforgettable. The time flew by so quickly that before I knew it, graduation was around the corner. I have referred many friends to this program and will continue to do so because I want them to experience what I have experienced. Lastly, to those who may still be skeptical about this program, take the word of an alumnus and go for it!

Portrait of Safwan Ali

Kelly Persinger - 2018

In case you are debating on the Paralegal Program at Vance-Granville Community College STOP, and just go for it! The program is structured to equip one to begin working in the field of law, however, I personally gained much more. Two and a half years ago walking in the door with no computer knowledge whatsoever, was it scary, yes at first it was. Yet, the instructors pull the best out of everyone including me. Which in my case, gave me a love of learning, wisdom to look at any issue from both sides, foresight that details really do matter including dress or attire. I now have a new-found confidence that will be strengthened once employed. Which will be soon, as I will not give up either. Thanks to my time well worth spent in the Paralegal Program at V.G.C.C., I feel I can work in many different areas law offices, hospitals, government, small businesses, company’s, or in a big corporation as an efficient office personnel, or manager. Good Luck!

Portrait of Kelly Persinger

Bratanya Simmons - 2018

I am now a student at North Carolina Central University. I am enrolled in taking criminal justice with a minor in homeland security, juvenile justice and police policy. The transition from VGCC to NCCU was easy. The classes are longer and there are way more students in one class. I kind of miss that opportunity where you can have that one-on -one with your teacher. My plans are the same. After graduating with my bachelors, I plan on attending Central Law. I would like to say thank you for being so stern, it has been helpful in the long run and I appreciate it now even if I didn’t before.

Portrait of Kelly Persinger

Ajai Barrett - 2018

Enrolling into the Paralegal Program at Vance Granville is definitely one of the best decisions I have made. Professors’ Dickens and Debnam are not only phenomenal instructors, but they are advisors and cheerleaders as well. They are not only concerned about the students’ education, but real live application of your work to build a career.

When I first sat down with Professor Dickens to discuss my goals, I was unsure about myself and my capabilities. She took the time to evaluate my plans, and chart a course of action. Under her carefully crafted guidance and direction, I am making strides to an education, career, and life that I never thought I could achieve. I am more than confident now that I can turn my dreams into reality.

The care and attention that I have received at Vance Granville has been life changing. Every employee displays zeal and enthusiasm in all that they do. I will not only be forever grateful for the instruction that I have received, but for my growth as a person as well.

Portrait of Ajai Barrett