Program Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding the importance of food safety and sanitation according to industry standards.
  2. Students will be competent in the use of industry standard equipment and cooking techniques.
  3. Students will know nutritional facts of food and special diets and how to apply their skills to a special need.
  4. Students will be knowledgeable in the basics of baking.
  5. Students will know the principals of advanced sugar and pastry development
  6. Students will have basic knowledge of cold food preparation techniques and pantry production.
  7. Students will be able to properly display and prepare cold foods.
  8. Students can demonstrate the proper procedure of food and beverage table service.
  9. Students will understand the basics of menu design and development
  10. Students will understand the difference of cooking principles from different regions.
  11. Students will understand the importance of food and beverage purchasing and receiving
  12. Students will be able to decipher the different job markets and choose their path in the food and beverage industry