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Associate In General Education-General Science
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Wheeler, Cecilia

The Associate in General Education (AGE) curriculum is designed for individuals wishing to broaden their education, with emphasis on personal interest, growth, and development. The two-year General Education program provides students opportunities to study English, literature, fine arts, philosophy, social science, science, and mathematics at the college level. Many of the courses are equivalent to college transfer courses; however, the program is not principally designed for college transfer. The A.G.E. - General Science option is specifically designed for students who are attempting to enter a competitive health or science program and who need courses to improve their chances of admission or who have exited such a program and wish to complete an associate degree. Completion of this program does not guarantee admission to any other academic program.

Program Options
Day - All Courses
Evening - Some Courses
Online - Most Courses
Credential Offered For This Program
Associate in General Education - General Science
# of Courses
# of Credit Hours
Selective/Special Admissions:  Not selective, but a student desiring this degree must meet with the Dean of Arts and Sciences for an educational plan.
Skills Needed   Typical Job Duties   Work Locations   Personality Traits
Written and verbal skills
  College Transfer Programs
such as the Associate
in General Education
- General Science, are
designed to assist with
transition towards
a Bachelor’s degree.
  Students completing the
Associate in General
Education - General Science
degree may find work in a
variety of settings.
  Possible 4-Year
Major Tracks:

Students may select from
a number of disciplines
when meeting with the
Dean of Arts and Sciences
to develop an educational
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Wheeler, Cecilia