Academic Divisions

VGCC's Curriculum Programs are divided into three categories: 

ARTS & SCIENCES DIVISION  -  Providing the first two years of a bachelor's degree (Associate in Arts/Associate in Science), as well as certificate, diploma and degree programs to prepare you for jobs in education, child care and Biotechnology. 

BUSINESS & APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES  -  Providing certificate, diploma and degree programs in a variety of trades and occupational fields, as well as specific skills and training to help you advance on the job. In this division, you will find hands-on instruction in fields such as Welding, Carpentry or Culinary Arts, and computer-related programs that prepare you for the high-tech jobs of today's global economy. 

HEALTH SCIENCES DIVISION   -  Providing diploma and degree programs that prepare you for careers in health and human services. 
The fourth curriculum instructional division is 

STUDENT LEARNING AND SUCCESS CENTER  -  Providing advising, career planning, counseling, male mentoring, and tutoring.