Adult High School Diploma (AHSD) Online

Distance learning may provide a more convenient means to obtain your high school diploma, but it does NOT make it an easier task!

The Adult High School Diploma program is a competency-based program that is available for adults 18 years or older who wish to complete the high school diploma. This program requires an 85 percent mastery level for each module, unit, and final exam. This program is neither intended nor encouraged as a replacement for traditional high school programs which are otherwise available for potential students.

The Adult High School Diploma program is designed to meet the North Carolina Course of Study Graduation Requirements. Prior to graduation, students will be required to have a total 22 credits. These core credits consist of the following 4 credits in English, 4 credits in Mathematics, 3 credits in Science, 4 credits in Social Studies, 1 credit in Health/PE and 6 electives. This total will be calculated on the basis of credits previously obtained in an accredited public or private high school or in a North Carolina registered home school. An instructor will work with students desiring enrollment in the program to determine the courses required for graduation.

Students desiring enrollment in one of the Literacy Online program but not reading at a 9th grade level can expect to be assigned lessons designed to improve reading skills. The objective is to first raise those reading skills to a 9th grade or better level. A similar program will also be available to provide improvement in basic math skills.

For more information on AHSD
Michelle Neagle, Online Instructor/Coordinator for Basic Skills • (252) 738-3212