Career and College Promise & Early College Overview

Career and College Promise(CCP)

Complete List of CCP Pathways

Career and College Promise offers structured opportunities for qualified high school students to pursue one of three pathways in community college that lead to a certificate, diploma, or degree as well as provide entry-level job skills. Academic credits earned through Career and College Promise pathways shall enable students who continue into postsecondary education, after high school graduation, to complete an undergraduate degree in less time than high school students without college credit would need to complete. Enrollment in the Career and College Promise Program is available to North Carolina public, private, and home-schooled high school students.

Specific qualification criteria for all high school students are required for each pathway. To view a description and criteria for a specific pathway, please refer to the VGCC Career & College Promise Pathway Guide.

CCP Students: You all also have access to many of VGCC's student support services such as the Academic Skills Center and Career Center. Check them out!

Steps to Apply to CCP

Follow the steps below to apply to be a Career and College Promise student at Vance-Granville Community College.

Click below to be taken to our online application.
When completing the application, you must select “Career and College Promise” as your Entrance Status. Once you have submitted the online applications, please print the Confirmation Page to submit with your CCP Enrollment Package. (You may have to screenshot,save, and print later)


Once you have submitted your application for admissions to VGCC, schedule an appointment with your high school counselor to complete the next steps to enrollment. You are encouraged to browse the CCP Pathways in the link below, prior to meeting with your HS Counselor, to determine which pathway best aligns with your degree or career interest.

  1. Look over and choose a CCP Pathway that most interests you. FULL LIST OF CCP PATHWAYS
  2. Complete and submit VGCC CCP Eligibility Form
  3. Submit a signed high school transcript documenting GPA and grade.
  4. Submit a copy of an Approved Diagnostic Assessment Test Score Sheet indicating level of college readiness. If needed, testing can be arranged at one of our campus locations. Your county CCP contact can provide more information.

All the completed paperwork needs to be submitted. This includes Confirmation page, Eligibility Form, Signed Transcript, and Test Score Sheet(s) to your respective county's representative identified below:

  1. Franklin County Students: Evelyn Hall (ph. 252-738-3611)
  2. Granville County Students: Reba Bullock (ph. 252-738-3525)/li>
  3. Vance County Students: (ph. 252-738-3289)
  4. Warren County Students: Faye Goode (ph. 252-738-3594)

Students outside of these four counties should select the representative from the county where you expect to attend classes or is closest to you.


How to Apply to Early Colleges?

VGCC Cooperative Innovative High Schools take the form of Early College High Schools and are located on or near the college’s campuses. Students enrolled in these programs can concurrently obtain a high school diploma and begin or complete an associate degree program or earn up to two years of college credit within five years. The process to apply to one of these four schools begins in middle school and is conducted by the Local Education Agency. To obtain additional information about our early college high school partnerships and how to apply, please visit the specific Early College High School Website of interest.