VGCC Counseling Services


Counseling Services provides counseling and academic/career advisement to Vance-Granville Community College students on a voluntary and confidential basis.  Our purpose is to help students cope with dilemmas in their personal/academic/career development or with painful events in their lives in ways that further their growth and make their experiences as Vance-Granville students more productive.

There are many issues that are appropriate to take up with Counseling Services: adjusting to college, personal or emotional concerns, academic/career advisement, persistent difficulties in studying, bothersome moods, relationship problems, family problems, or simply a wish to know more about oneself. No commitment is involved in an initial meeting, and sitting down with one of us is often the best way to decide if counseling might be useful in your particular situation. We are a  diverse group of counselors  who are trained to listen to and clarify various life dilemmas or troubling feelings. We appreciate the delicacy of attempting to talk directly about difficult matters, and encourage students to let the counselor know if the talk does not seem helpful or to ask for a different counselor if there is some serious incompatibility.

Sessions are scheduled based on what might be most practical and helpful. Some students get what they need in one or two sessions; others might continue a little longer. Although individual work is our primary focus, we are open to consider other situations, such as meeting with a couple or with a group. If the difficulty in question is beyond our resources (for instance, an academic difficulty that could best be helped by tutoring, writing issues that are better referred to the Academic Skills Center, or a problem that deserves more intensive or longer term session than we can provide), then we can refer you to other sources of help.

In order to preserve the confidentiality of our work, Counseling Services does not intervene in matters between students and other departments at the college (grades, course extensions, etc.), nor does it communicate with outside institutions (such as universities and government agencies) without the student’s explicit request and permission. That a student chooses to meet with a counselor is solely the business of that student, unless he or she chooses to share such information. There is no outside record of your visit here, and our own records are destroyed within a reasonable period of time after graduation. Read our  Policy on Confidentiality  for more details.

We look forward to meeting you!