Letter to New Students

Counseling Services provides counseling and academic advisement to Vance-Granville Community College students on a voluntary and confidential basis, and helps students deal with dilemmas and personal problems so that they might have a more productive college experience.

Students come to Counseling Services for many reasons, such as: adjusting to college, personal or emotional concerns, relationship problems, family concerns, bothersome moods or simply a wish to know more about oneself. There is no commitment involved in an initial meeting, and sitting down with a therapist is often the best way to decide if counseling might be useful. The Department has a diverse group of counselors who are trained in ways of listening to and clarifying various life dilemmas.

Sessions are scheduled based on what might be most practical and helpful. Some students get what they need with one or two sessions; others might continue longer. If the difficulty in question is beyond our resources (for example a problem that deserves more intensive or longer term session than we can provide), Counseling Services can refer students to other sources of help. Counseling Services staff takes the confidentiality of their work very seriously. Coming to Counseling Services is your own free and private choice. The very fact of your coming to Counseling Services is considered to be your own business. Counselors are willing to see or speak with parents, but only with students' permission. Counseling Services does not get involved in administrative decisions, except for rare instances that are discussed ahead of time, and does not discuss students with other departments of the College without the student's permission. The benefit to you is that you can trust that what you say will stay confidential.