Cosmetology Service

Shampoos are not included in any service other than a shampoo style service

Hair Sculpture & Design

Shampoo air styling(only)-no blowdrying $3.00
*Shampoo, blowdry only$5.00
*Curling Iron, Flat Iron, Rollerset $8.00
*Wraps (all)$10.00
*Crimps or Waves$10.00
*Perm Rod Sets$12.00
Press & Curl$15.00

Braids & Twists Services

*Twists (whole head)$15.00
Twists (front only-added to shampoo styles)$3.00 -$5.00
Braids-no designs/extentions-straight back-child$10.00
Braids-no designs/extentions-straight back-adult$15.00
Braids-complex designs/extensions$30.00
Natural styles(dreads, twist styles, kinky twists etc)$30.00
Relock/retwist natural styles$15.00
braid complexity to be determined by Instructor 
Long hair-below shoulders-additional for all styles$5.00

Hair Cut Services

Hair cut $8.00
Bang or beard trim$3.00
Edge up$3.00

Chemical Services

*double process $28.00
Permanent waving: 
*spiral or piggy back perm (1 solution)$38.00
*additional chemical needed for service$8.00

Color Services

*Permanent Color$12.00
*Semi-permanent Color$10.00
*Beaching or Pre-lightening$15.00
*Foiling (full head)$25.00
*Halo Foil & Cap Highlighting (10 foils only)$15.00
Long hair-below shoulders-additional for all style &
chemical services


Tips & acrylic nails$15.00
Retouch tips & acrylic nails$7.00


Eyebrow wax or tweeze$5.00
Lip & Chin$5.00

Additional Services

Chemical services for enrolled cos. students$8.00
Lash & Brow Tint$5.00
Wig cleaned-synthetic$5.00
Wig cleaned-human hair$7.00
Scalp /Protein/Hot Oil Treatments $5.00