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Adult Basic Education (ABE) Online

Our Adult Basic Education programs will be directed to those adults 18 years or older and for certain other persons who have by necessities of life taken on various adult responsibilities.

The objective of the ABE program is to improve basic skills in specific areas by providing classes in such as Reading, Writing, and Mathematics with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills.. Your purpose for such enrollment may be for job enhancement, for helping family members in their own education, and/or for personal satisfaction. We will be requiring that those individuals enrolled in our Literacy Online programs will already be reading at a 9th grade level as validated by a TABE assessment.

For those students desiring enrollment in one of our Literacy Online programs but not reading at a 9th grade level, they will be assigned lessons designed to improve reading skills. The objective is to first raise those reading skills to a 9th grade or better level.  A similar program will also be available to provide improvement in basic math skills.

If you have questions regarding this program or your decision regarding enrollment, please contact us.

Interested in other Literacy Education programs?
For More Information:
Michelle Neagle, Online Instructor/Coordinator of Adult Basic Skills • (252) 738-3212

Catherine Barham, Director of Adult Basic Skills • (252) 738-3315


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